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Educational, Short, Fast and Fun

4 October 2018


What do pickpockets and mass extinction events have in common – they both have the potential to encourage people to use public and active transport. That is, according to two of the presenters at last week’s annual Educational, Short, Fast and Fun event.


Athol Moore kicked off the night by explaining how having his wallet stolen at the beginning of a European holiday forced a change of plans away from a hire car to more train travel. The travel theme continued with Wally Wight sharing his thoughts on current transport preferences in China. Johnny Pong reflected on recent trips mountain biking in NZ and riding the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and lessons for future cycling options in Logan.


Sheree Hughes from the Heart Foundation shared a video from their new initiative, Healthy Active by Design, which focuses on the importance of community design in supporting active lifestyles. Jon Giles noted TMR’s work to define cycling level of traffic stress will be a useful resource when considering how streets and roads impact on a person’s likelihood of choosing to ride a bike. Mark Limb illustrated the reduction in his commuting stress as a result of six months of riding an upright Dutch, 25kg, step-through bicycle. He believes that the bike determines your speed which can influence your experience, and he won’t be returning to his faster, lighter bike any time soon.


Finally, the extinction event! Dave Russell charted an entertaining look at the paleontological history of the journey to work in Brisbane. Using census data, he has evidence of small numbers of MAMILS and other cycling creatures in protected enclaves that are gradually increasing in population, but evolution takes a long time and a mass extinction event of ‘dinosaurs’ is needed.


Thanks to all our speakers who inspired, educated and entertained us.

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