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8 Jun 2020

James Tuma, Group Director with Urbis Future State, presented the May seminar for PedBikeTrans. The seminar was called 'Mission Fit Cities' and it examined the factors that position a city for success within a post-Covid reality. James' presentation comes from the Urbi...

16 Nov 2019

Kylie Nixon and Jerryn Zwart provided a great presentation of the highlights of the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference held in Adelaide in October. They managed to pack a great deal into their short summary, and then we had a great discussion on some great quest...

16 Nov 2019

Our annual 'Entertaining, Short, Fun and Fast' (ESFF) evening is always good fun - and this years event in October was no exception.

If you don't know the format, the rules are:

  • the presentation is 20 slides long

  • each slide is shown for 20 seconds

  • slides au...

4 Oct 2019

In August 2019 Hyahno Moser from Nature Play Queensland provided a presentation and screening of the Neighbourhood Play Project documentary at the PedBikeTrans seminar held at WSP's office at 900 Ann Street. 

The documentary tells the story of a project lead by Nature P...

The July PedBikeTrans seminar looked at communicating effectively to maximise the reach of our message. Ronsley Vaz gave us food for thought on the importance of 'voice' in creating a movement. Ronsley is an author, his podcasts are followed by a massive global au...

18 May 2019

Something has bothered me about cycling infrastructure design for some time: when designing roads additional width is provided on tight corners to accommodate longer vehicles. This is needed because at low speed on tight bends the back wheels track inside the front whe...

4 Mar 2019

On 26 February we had our first seminar for 2019, a fantastic presentation and question and answers session from Will Peters, Community Affairs Manager for