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25 May 2021
Cargo bicycle delivery services for the city and country

Cargo bikes have become part of city centre delivery options in many cities worldwide. In this webinar we look at the challenges and benefits of cargo bike delivery services in Brisbane and in smaller, less urban settings. We will learn from two presenters who will share their experience in operating cargo bike delivery services. Currently our planning and design guidelines don’t consider the needs of freight movement by cargo bike. By better understanding the needs of these service providers, we can plan and design the transport infrastructure of our cities and towns to better support the growth of this important active transport mode.



Beate Kubitz, Cargodale

Cargodale was set up as a response to COVID19. With deliveries set to grow in response to lockdown measures they wanted to see whether deliveries could be made in a low emission way in Todmorden, a town of 15,000 people in a rural and hilly landscape. With narrow, cobbled or unmade roads, an increase in large delivery vans has a noticeable impact on communities and infrastructure.


Electric cargo bikes were seen as a way to limit the local and global impacts and improve the local economic outcomes. Cargodale has grown from a single cargo bike and made over 2000 deliveries in 2020. The electric cargobike deliveries enable small shops to offer a delivery service that rivals the big supermarkets. Cargodale has delivered everything from veg boxes to CBD oil, curries to beer. It mainly operate on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays - and will open other days as demand grows.


Beate will share how Cargodale has grown from being a volunteer service, to a community benefit company that will soon launch a small delivery hub in the centre of Todmorden. We will learn how Cargodale is meeting the unique challenges and delivering environmental and community benefits.


Simon Mitchell, BNE Messengers


BNE Messengers is a Brisbane-based small worker cooperative providing cargo bicycle delivery services for Brisbane CBD and inner suburbs. They celebrated their third anniversary as a company recently, but have over 40 years combined experience as cycle messengers. They have operated a last mile freight hub in Brisbane for a while now and have been trying to build this side of their business and have recently partnered with a fresh meal company in a pilot project for 'last mile' fresh meal deliveries from their central refrigerated hub to the CBD and inner suburbs. 


Simon will share his perspective and experience regarding city cargo bike delivery services, the role of cycle infrastructure and networks, and the important role that active transport can play in the last mile freight movements in supporting the growth of a modern liveable city. 

Date: 25 May 2021

Time: 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Location: online

Cost: Free for members and non-members

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