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Upcoming events
27 October 2022
Brisbane's CityLink Cycleway Trial

The Brisbane CityLink Cycleway on Elizabeth Street, Edward Street, William Street and the Victoria Bridge were implemented in early 2021 as a 12-month trial. As part of the trial the Council collected extensive usage data, monitored the implications for traffic, and at the end surveyed people’s opinions on the trial. This data is being used by the Council to determine the ultimate long-term success of the trial. 


Come hear the latest insights from Brisbane City Council on the CityLink Cycleway trial and an update on what the next steps might look like.

Date: Thursday 27 October 2022

Time: 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Location: Brisbane Square Library Community Meeting Room (only 50 tickets available)  or Zoom

Cost: Free

8 December 2022

Come for a fun evening at our popular Educational, Short, Fast and Fun (ESFF) presentation sessions that will be held along with our (very short) Annual General Meeting.


For the ESFF evening we hear from 8 speakers who will present on an educational or fun topic related to active transport in a 7 minute slideshow presentation of 20 slides (20 seconds per slide). The slides are automatically advanced so there is no chance to exceed the 7 minute timeframe. 

If you would like to present, please  email to register your interest.  

To simplify our administration our membership cycle has all membership becoming due in November or December every year. That way you know, when we send out the AGM invite it is time to renew your membership. Unlike everyone else, we are not jumping on the inflation wagon, and our membership fees will remain at $30 per year (a bargain!).

To update your membership please go to our website and pay online, or if you prefer you can pay for your membership at the AGM. Attendance at the AGM is free for members, thanks to our sponsors: Arup, PSA Consulting and Griffith University.

The AGM/Educational Short Fun and Fast presentations will be held:


Date: Thursday 8 December 2022

Time: 5:30pm to 9:00pm

Location: Brisbane Square Library Community Meeting Room

Cost: Free for members

Food and drink: Members will get to share a free drink and snacks (a bargain for your $30 membership renewal)

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