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Educational, Short, Fast and Fun!

16 October 2017

This year’s Educational, Short, Fast and Fun event lived up to its reputation as being one of the most memorable events on our calendar. The night began with an extended period of networking and a delicious assortment of canapés and drinks in our private room at The Ship Inn which overlooks Southbank and the pedestrian and cycle link, the Goodwill Bridge.


The social and relaxed atmosphere continued as the Educational, Short, Fast and Fun presentations began. We were treated to eight fantastic presentations ranging from a bicycle crossing of Australia’s infamous Nullarbor Highway and other overseas cycling adventures through to a thought-provoking, alternate perspective on walking and cycling. Particular highlights included learning about emerging international trends and unique applications for bicycles in the urban economy, watching footage of (enviable) Dutch cycling congestion, and gaining user insights on cycling in countries including Japan and New Zealand.


A big thank you to all of our speakers and to those in attendance for making it a truly enjoyable evening.

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