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Pedestrian Access to Public Transport

30 November 2017

PedBikeTrans was delighted to host visiting academic, Ugo Lachapelle. Ugo is an Associate Professor of mobility and sustainable development in the Department of Urban Studies and Tourism at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

His engaging presentation outlined various disciplinary perspectives on work conducted on the links between public transport and walking and provided excellent fuel for a stimulating and informative Q&A session. Some of the key direct and indirect messages from Ugo’s presentation included:

  • Public transport users were more likely to walk overall, not just to access public transport. It was noted public transport use had far reaching positive benefits and impacted a user’s lifestyle

  • The benefit in considering public transport coverage (e.g. a 400m walking catchment to a bus stop) in conjunction with service frequency

  • The need to consider traffic signal re-timing and in particular adding more clearance time for pedestrians to cross roads that also have major cycle lanes

  • The importance of providing opportunities for pedestrians to undertake daily activities between public transport stops and end destinations.


A big thank you to Ugo and for all those in attendance for a wonderful evening.

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