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Thats a wrap for 2020

2020 was a challenging year for the world, and an interesting learning experience for PedBikeTrans. After the initial challenges of the COVID lock-down we got into the swing of doing Zoom webinars instead of in-person seminars. That extended the reach of our seminars beyond Brisbane, and gave us the opportunity to hear about interesting and innovative active transport topics from leaders in their field who did not have to be in Brisbane.

The lesson learned from 2020 is that PBT will continue to do webinars, interspersed with in-person seminars. That way we can be more effective in bringing great learning opportunities to active travel professionals throughout the country.

We ended the year off with an in-person annual general meeting and our annual 'Educational, Short, Fun and Fast' evening of presentations from members. It was great seeing everyone in person again, and as always the presentations were fantastically entertaining, thought provoking, or bucket-list inspiring.

The AGM confirmed the new committee for 2021.

  • President: Athol Moore

  • Vice President: Luke Goldsworthy

  • Secretary: Allyson Starky

  • Treasurer: Drew Westbrook

  • Marketing officer: Kylie Nixon

  • Communications officer: Roy Zhu

  • Executive members: Murray Henman and Andrew O'Brien

We look forward to what this new year holds.


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