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Welcome to the new year

Welcome to the new year and the new PedBikeTrans Executive Committee. The key objective of PedBikeTrans is to facilitate opportunities for networking and learning for professionals and those with an interest in walking and cycling.

The idea with this blog is to create a space for sharing and discussion to facilitate learning and improved practice. I have set up the blog in four categories for posts:

  1. Good practice examples - space to share examples of good practice locally or internationally.

  2. Guidelines and standards - making members aware of the latest guidelines and standards, whether locally or internationally.

  3. Is there a better way to do this? - a place to question the way things are currently done (not a place for criticising other's work).

  4. Lessons learned from seminars - sharing the lessons (and presentations if possible) from recent seminars.

There is no way I can do this alone, so I would like to encourage others to also contribute. Leave a comment if you would like to be a contributor to the blog.

Since 2009 I have intermittently maintained a blog under the PedBikeTrans banner using the Blogger platform. Unfortunately I can't transfer it across to this new platform, but it is still accessible here:

As I learn how to work this new platform there may be changes, but for now - lets get the wheels rolling on this blog.

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